Pete Noon

Making Music For Over 50 Years

(In This) Funky Town

This is one of Pete's original songs captured during a 1993 North/South rehearsal.  The band consisted of Pete on guitar and vocals, Ralph Trainello on bass, Greg LaFever on guitar and Fred on drums.

Check out the video at:

Rock Me Baby

Rock Me Baby as performed during a Swilltones rehearsal in 1998.  The Swilltones were Pete (Guitar & Vocals), Russ Norris (Vocals & Bass), and Dave Bynum (Drums).


Can't You See

An old Marshall Tucker Band song "Can't You See" shot during a North/South rehearsal in Leesburg, VA in 1992.   Pete on guitar, vocal and keyboard:

June 2013 Video of the Month

"Salt Water Jackie" performed by Pete's friends the Dirty Names.   Kit Whitacre (with the hat on) playing one of Pete's Fender Stratocasters:

July 2013 Video of the Month

Jeff Beck playing his tribute to Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing":

August 2013 Video of the Month

Pete's favorite band in the seventies was Rat Race Choir with the amazing Mark Hitt on guitar.   Here's a more recent video of the band performing a cover of Jimi Hendrix' "Little Wing" :

September 2013 Video of the Month

The Boonx perform "I Wanna Dance".   I love it - the more I hear this song the more it grows on me: