Pete Noon

Making Music For Over 50 Years

The Jethro Wall

 This setup is named the Jethro Wall because of the Jethro Tull memorabilia on the wall above the desk.  The setup consists of (L-R) an HP Pavilion computer with a 19" flat screen monitor and Cubase 48-track software., a Boss BR-8 8-track digital recorder, a JVC XV-N410 DVD player, a Gemini PL-7 power supply, a Behringer BTR2000 rackmount chromatic tuner, a PreSonus Firestudio Project preamp, and an Ibanez DM-1000 Digital delay.

The Jimi Wall

This setup is named for the Jimi Hendrix memorabilia on the wall above it.  (L-R, top to bottom)  Alesis Monitor One monitor speakers, a Tascam 2488 24-track portastudio, a Zilla 8 rackmount power strip, an Alesis Microverb III, an Antares AVP-1 vocal producer, an Alesis RA-100 stereo Reference Amplifier, a Tascam 202 MK-II dual cassette rcorder, a Digidesign M-Box with Pro-Tools 32-track software, a Phillips CDR-760 CD recorder, a JVC XL-MV303 3-CD disc player, and an e-Machines T4510 computer.

Additional Outboard Gear

Additional rackmount and other equipment includes (L-R, top to bottom) an Alesis 3630 Compressor, an Alesis M-EQ-230 equalizer, a Teac CX-310 cassette deck, an ART MultiVerb LT, a Peavey CS-400 stereo power amp, a power strip, a BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer, a Boss GL-100 guitar preamp, a Sabine RT-1600 rack tuner, an Ibanez AD-202 analog delay, a Behringer T1953 Tube Ultragain preamp, a Line 6 POD preamp, a Boss DR-3 drum machine, an Ibanez DD1000 Dual Digital Delay, an ART Tube Preamp System, a DOD R-431 equalizer, an Alesis Quadraverb GT digital reverb, a DigiTech HM-4 Harmony Machine, a Furman Sound TX-2 tuneable crossover/bandpass filter, and a Peavey M-2600 stereo power amp.  (Foreground) a Nady TCM 1050 Tube Condensor Microphone.