Pete Noon

Making Music For Over 50 Years

1956 Les Paul Special

Here's a 1956 Les Paul Special totally original except for Grover tuners.

1956 Les Paul Junior

Here's a 1956 Les Paul Junior totally original.

1957 Les Paul Junior

Here's a 1957 Les Paul Junior totally original except for replacement repro tuners.

1954 Les Paul Custom RI

This is a 1954 Les Paul Custom Re-issue (manufactured in 1972).

'58 Les Paul Re-Issue w/Bigsby

This is a 2001 re-issue of a 1958 Les Paul Standard featuring a curly maple top, burstbucker pickups and a Bigsby.

Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary Model

This is a 25/50th Anniversary Les Paul Model to commemorate 25 years of Les Paul guitars and 50 years of Les Paul in the music business.

Les Paul Custom 35th Anniversary Model

This is a 35th Anniversary Les Paul Custom.  The words "35th Anniversary" are inscribed in the split diamond headstock design.

Les Paul 40th Anniversary Model

This is a 40th Anniversary Les Paul with the words "40th Anniversary" inscribed at the octave fret marker.

Les Paul Classic Model

This a Les Paul Classic model with bookmatched curly maple top and 1960's style neck.

Les Paul Custom Shop Standard

This is a Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Custom Shop model with bookmatched curly maple top.

Les Paul XR-2 Model

This is a rare Les Paul XR-2 model made for a very brief time featuring a curly maple top, mini-humbucking pickups and an out-of-phase switch. 

Les Paul Limited Edition Birdseye Model

Here's a Limited Edition Les Paul Birdseye.

Les Paul Artist Model

Here's a 1979 Les Paul Artist model.  Manufactured in the late seventies this guitar features active electronics.



Les Paul Deluxe Model

This is a 1969 Les Paul Deluxe that has been modified with a DiMarzio distortion pickup and speed knobs.  This was Pete's main guitar in the seventies and eighties.

Les Paul "Hall Of Fame" TV Junior

This is a "Hall of Fame" Les Paul TV Junior.

Les Paul '55 Standard RI

This a re-issue of a 1955 Les Paul which has been heavily modified.