Pete Noon

Making Music For Over 50 Years

1961 Les Paul SG Junior

This is a 1961 Les Paul SG Junior.

1962 SG Special

This is a 1962 SG Special all original except for Grover tuners.

1962 ES-330 Model

This is an all original 1962 ES-330.

1967 Trini Lopez Model

This is a 1967 Trini Lopez model.

Epiphone (by Gibson) Riviera P93

Here's an Epiphone Custom Shop Limited Edition Riviera with three P90 pickups, a Bigsby, and gold hardware.

Flying V Medallion Limited Edition Series

This is a Medallion Flying V only 350 were made.

Flying V Jimi Hendrix Model

This is the Jimi Hendrix signature model Flying V only 400 were made.

50th Anniversary Flying V

This is a 2008 Gibson Guitar of the Month.  It marks the 50th Anniversary of the Flying V model (only 1000 were made) and features a bookmatched curly maple top.

Epiphone (by Gibson) 1958 RI Flying V

Features include Korina body, humbucking pickups, and all gold parts.

Chet Atkins Classic Nylon String Model

This is a Chet Atkins Classic nylon string electric guitar which is signed by the late Chet Atkins: "Chet Atkins cgp (certified guitar player) '89".

Nighthawk Custom Model

This is a Gibson Nighthawk Custom model.  The guitar features gold parts, a bookmatched curly maple top, ebony fretboard and crown inlays.