Pete Noon

Making Music For Over 50 Years

1964 - 1969.

October 1964 - Pete buys his first guitar from a shop on Main Street in Smithtown, Long Island.  The guitar is a Rodeo semi-acoustic electric with one cutaway, F-holes, and 2 DeArmond pickups.  The guitar has poor action and feedsback alot which discourages Pete from playing.

August 1965 - Pete's good friend Karl Vohlbehr (singer/rythmn guitarist of the band The TorKays) teaches Pete barre chords on his 1959 Fender Stratocaster.  Karl encourages Pete to buy a Fender guitar for the low, comfortable playing action.  Pete buys a 1961 Fender Princeton Amp from Jim Clark the lead guitarist in Karl's band.  By October Pete has purchased a used 1965 Fender Mustang guitar and joins his first band which includes some of his high school friends.  The band plays primarily top forty tunes.

1966 - Pete already outgrows his Fender Princeton Amp and purchases a new Fender Super Reverb Amp.  The band reforms as "Just Us" with Billy Resvanis on Drums, Chuck Schold on lead guitar, Ronnie Rother on lead guitar and Vocals, Vinnie ? on Bass and Pete on rythmn guitar. The band's repetoire includes Rolling Stones, Beatles, Young Rascals, and other top forty bands.  Later that year the TorKays break up and Pete buys a 1964 Jazz Bass and Bassman Amp from Karl's brother Paul in an effort to expand his knowledge of music.

1967 -  The band continues to get better with the addition of Mike Chieffo on vocals and bass guitar.  Mike is a great bass player and good with vocals and harmony.  The band goes into Greenwich Village on the weekends and becomes big fans of the Blues Magoos and the Blues Project.  Soon the band is playing a lot of Blues Project and Blues Magoos tunes.  Inspired by Danny Kalb of the Blues Project Pete starts learning lead guitar.  Pete buys a new Baldwin "Hank Marvin Model" guitar, similar to a Stratocaster but with Burns pickups.

1968 - This is a year of transition and Pete plays with many different bands, jams with a lot of people and meets Haig Mathosian who he will later do a lot of song collaborating with.  Haig and Pete are very much influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton at this point.  Inspired by Haig's Gibson ES-335 with a Bigsby, Pete goes to buy a ES-335 but the music store is sold out of them so he buys a new Gretsch Nashville.

1969 - Eventually Pete and Mike Chieffo start another band with Dave Ragazzino on Drums, Frank Politto on Hammond B-3, and Charlie Carminello on Vocals and Rythmn guitar.  The band is called Wolf and covers Joe Cocker, Beatles, Sly & the Family Stone, Hendrix, and Cream.

1970 - 1979

Wolf breaks up in mid-1970 and Pete and Mike Chieffo join The Jury fronted by superb vocalist Larry Sweeney (vocals, rythmn guitar) and Bobby Sontag (vocals, drums).  Larry and Mike are both great bass players but Larry moves to rythmn to let Mike handle the bass chores.  The band covers the Hollies, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Rolling Stones, Free, Doors, Sly & the Family Stone, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Guess Who, the Band and other Top 40 songs of the day.  The band's forte is their great 3 part harmonies and exceptionally strong lead vocalists.

Pete also finds time to jam with his longtime friend Karl Vohlbehr and it is at one of these jam sessions that two neighborhood teenaged brothers come by and ask to jam.  The brothers are Bobby (drums) and Teddy (guitar) Rondinelli who are enormously talented for their age.  Bobby winds up going on to play with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Blue Oyster Cult (which Bobby continues to play with) and Teddy winds up doing work with Leslie West and Vanilla Fudge as well as their own band Rondinelli.

Pete becomes a father to a beautiful daughter, Heather, in late July of 1970 and Pete takes on a number of full and part time jobs to pay the bills.  He buys his first new Gibson Les Paul (a sunburst Deluxe model) and switches to a Traynor 100 watt amp.  He continues to jam with friends and in 1972 Pete starts a new band, Exit (taken from the exit off the Long Island Expressway where the band rehearsed), with Larry Sweeney (vocals and bass), Frank Sabatano (vocals, sax, and rythmn guitar), and Dennis Delio (drums).  The band covers Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, David Bowie, Traffic, James Gang, and other Top 40 songs.  The band becomes known for their strong lead vocals and harmony and for Frank's on-stage antics and showmanship.  At this time Pete buys a Leslie Tone Cabinet and has it rewired for the guitar.  The added Leslie sound brings a whole new sound to his solos on songs such as "Wild Horses".  The band becomes a local favorite in Bay Shore, Long Island.

In May of 1974 Pete is asked to do a one-off show with his friend Kenny Doolin (bass, vocals).  Kenny also enlists the help of frontman Alan St. Jon (vocals, keyboards).  Pete enlists the aid of drummer Jimmy Marzigliano.  The band, "Wilson Jones" (taken from a brand of paper products),  plays to a packed crowd of 5000+ covering tunes from Traffic, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Beatles and others.  Shortly after Alan joins Billy Squier, where he becomes (and continues to be) part of Billy's permanent touring/recording band.  Alan also becomes a sought-after session man.

In late 1974 Pete buys a used Marshall stack from his friend Alan Kobos (ex-guitartist for Wison Pickett).  He's asked to join a mostly-southern rock band "Flame" with Glenn Paladino (guitar, vocals), Bob Soehl (bass), John Lewis (vocals, keyboards, flute), and Vinnie Santangelo (drums).  The band covers Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Neil Young, Lynard Skynard, Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, Procol Harum, and others.

1975 finds Pete playing again with Mike Chieffo and Dave Ragazzino in MPD (Mike, Pete, Dave).  The band covers Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Led Zepplin, Doors, Aerosmith, Foghat, Bad Company, Jethro Tull and Bob Marley.  The band is known for their musicianship, great arrangements and tight sound.  The band also uses the name Daddy Warbucks.

In 1977 Pete is asked to join "The Rings" (yes, inspired by Lord of the Rings). The band has been together for years and had been struggling since the loss of their frontman/vocalist and their lead guitarist.  He joins veteran members Mike Betlow (vocals, guitar), John Gregory (vocals, drums) and Paul Bazules (vocals, bass).  The band covers T. Rex, Kiss, David Bowie, Slade, the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull, Bad Company, Ted Nugent and originals.  The band reunited with their vocalist and former guitarist in December 1977 and Pete played one last final gig with them at Ladycliffe College in upstate West Point.

In January 1978 Pete joins "Araqus".  The band members are Lenny Galasso (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Ralph Bellino (vocals), Mike Bellino (vocals, percussion), John Fuchs (bass), and Steve Klien (drums).  Steve is later replaced by Bobby McKenna.  The band covers Foreigner,  Boston, Queen, Foghat, Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Robin Trower, and Tommy Bolin.  The band was known for their strong vocals, harmonies and instrumentation.

In late 1978 Lenny left the band to concentrate on songwriting and Mike left to try his hand at acting in the "Big Apple".  Ralph, John and Pete were asked to join a recording project tentatively called "Nightwatch".  The main songwriter is Frank Bounundonna, a gifted classically trained keyboard player.   Frank plays acoustic grand piano, ARP synthesizer and Hammond B-3 on the songs.  The band rehearses in Brooklyn and at Bolognese Studio, a 24-track studio in Nassua County.  The band cuts 4 songs at the studio with various drummers.  In late 1979 the band hooks up with 2 accountants from Atlantic Records and starts performing showcases and shopping their tape around Manhatten.  The style of music is in the vein of Foreigner, the Babys and Boston but as new wave music becomes increasingly more popular, the band starts changing their sound.  They cut a 16 track tune in early 1980 with the addition of Louis Appell on drums and Chris Carberry on guitar.  The band gets several record deal offers but management advises the band to hold out for more money.  Eventually the record companies lose interest and the band breaks up.


1980 - 1989

In mid-1980 Pete hooks up with Dave Ragozzino again and Dave's long time friend Ray Sullivan.  Ray is a gifted guitarist, singer and comedian.  The band works well together with Pete and Ray exchanging the vocal/guitar/bass chores.  The band plays for several years under many different names playing mostly classic rock.

In 1982 Pete and Dave again team up with Mike Chieffo on bass and vocals to form RazorRose (named for its blend of razor sharp instrumentals and the fact there were covering some female based songs).  The band covers Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Quarterflash, Van Halen, Styx, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Police, Joe Jackson, ZZ Top and Pink Floyd.

In October of 1983 Pete is offered a job opportunity in the Washington, DC area and, after much soul-searching, decides to take it.  He purchases a Tascam 4 track tape recorder and spends the next 4 years writing and recording his own songs.

In early 1987 Pete moves back to Long Island and again hooks up with Dave Ragozzino and Ray Sullivan playing classic rock gigs.  Pete also hooks up with Haig Mathosian and the pair collaborate on writing many songs over the next few years.

1990 - 1999

In mid-1990 Pete meets Tom Devoe, a singer/guitarist who jams with some friends on weekends and asks Pete if he would be interested in jamming.  Pete takes Tom up on his offer and they immediately all hit it off.  Ralph Trainello plays bass and Kim Barrows plays drums.  They decide to start a band "RUST" and concentrate on classic rock covers and Top 40 bands of the time including Elvis Costello, REM, and others.  They rehearse in a large warehouse on weekends and have a lot of fun. At this time Pete decides to permanently include keyboards as part of his act. 

By 1992  Pete and Ralph are working on another project (North & South) that combines classic rock and some of Pete's original songs.  But in the end the band members are living too far apart to rehearse on a regular basis and the band breaks up in 1993. 

At this point Ralph becomes interested in making videos and takes classes on making his own Public TV video.  He chooses Pete as his subject and creates "Pete Noon - Friends and Relations",  the first of what was to be a series of videos showcasing local talent.  The show airs on Maryland Public TV later that year.

In mid 1994 Pete auditions as a keyboard/singer for the Rick French Blues Band but brings his guitar to the audition as well.  Rick is the drummer and he has already decided on Russ Norris to fill the bass slot.  Pete gets the keyboard/singer/guitarist slot.  The band plays for several months but Russ winds up leaving for another band.

By 1995 Russ has been playing with a band called "Freudian Slip" and is eager to get Pete into the band.  They have been auditioning guitarists for months with no luck and are looking for someone in their 20's not someone who's almost 50.  Finally Pete gets an audition with the band and immediately nails it.  The other band members are Ed Smith (vocals, rythmn guitar) and Chris Gabriel (drums).  The band plays the Alexandria Old Town clubs a lot covering Top 40 bands like Counting Crows, Black Crows, STP, and classic rock as well.  Russ leaves to join another band within a few months and the band gets several replacement bass players before going to an "unplugged" format without bass.

By 1997 "Freudian Slip" has broken up and Pete starts another band with Russ and Russ' longtime friend Dave Bynum (drums).  The new band is called "The Swilltones" and plays classic rock and blues.  The band frequently plays at Carlos O'Kelly's in Fairfax City and one of Pete's original songs "Lorena" becomes a requested favorite.

In August 1998 Pete moves to Maryland and once again the distance proves to be too much to keep the band together and by October of 1999 the band breaks up.


2000 - 2009

Pete has been working on writing new songs for an upcoming album and also learning about his new Pro Tools and Cubase software.  He's also purchased a Tascam 2488 Neo 24 track recording console.  He's been jamming with a few musicians and doing some guitar & keyboard session work for some friends.  He's worked for 2 years (2006-2007) putting together a CD for Galore a two piece local band. 2008 found Pete recording some demo songs for Alexandria, VA band Subtle Madness.  In 2009 Pete helps a local band "The Dirty Names" by lending them vintage guitars and amps to record their first CD which is released in early 2010.

2010 - Present

Pete goes back into songwriting mode and prepares songs for his next CD targeted for 2012.  A flooded studio in October 2010 delays initial plans to begin recording.  The studio will have to be rebuilt over the next few months.  Within months of the flood Pete is diagnosed with Dupuytrens Contracture (a.k.a.Vikings Disease) a hereditary disease of the hand.  On 8-1-2012 Pete gets surgery to correct his hand and must undergo months or possibly years of physical therapy to be able to play again.   The new CD is put on hold indefinitely.