Pete Noon

Making Music For Over 50 Years

Fender Decotone Amp

Here's Pete's Fender Decotone Amp.

Fender Princeton Amp

This is Pete's 1961 Fender Princeton Amp.

Fender Super Amp

Here's Pete's 1961 Fender Super Amp.

Fender Blues Junior Amp

Fender Blues Junior tweed amp.

Fender Blues DeVille Amp

Here's Pete's Fender Blues DeVille 60 watt combo amp with 2 12" speakers.

Fender Eighty-Five Amp

Eighties Fender 85 amp.

Fender '69 Bassman, Performer 1000 & others

Here's Pete's 1969 Fender Bassman head with modified 1962 cabinet, Performer 1000 100-watt amp, cabinet with 18" speaker, Blues Deluxe amp and 1966 Twin Reverb amp.


PRS Harmonic Generator Amps

Here's Pete's PRS Harmonic Generator amps, one with it's 4X12 cabinet the other with a Motion Sound SRV212 cabinet (also shown 1961 Fender Princeton Amp, Fender Blues Junior Amp and Line 6 POD).

Marshall Amps

Here's Pete's Marshall Amps (L-R) 1969 Super Lead 100 head with 1960A & B cabinets, JCM 800 50-watt head (model 2205) with 1960A & 25th Anniversary 2551B cabinets, JCM900 50-watt head (model 4500) with 1960A & 25th Anniversary 2551BV cabinets, JCM 800 50-watt head (model 2204), JCM 900 50-watt head (model SL-X), 2X12 cabinet & 1960A cabinet, MG100 100-watt head with MG412A & MG412B cabinets, JCM 25/50 50-watt head (model 2553) with 2556A & 2556B cabinets.

Epiphone Valve Junior & Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Amp

Pete's Epiphone Valve Junior, 100 watt Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Amp, Line 6 Flextone II Plus and Mesa Boogie 1X12 cabinet.

Peavey 5150 & Line 6 Flextone HD Amps

Here's a Line 6 Flextone HD amp with a 4X12 Mesa Boogie cabinet and a Peavey 5150 "Eddie Van Halen" 120 watt amp and 4X12 speaker cabinet (also shown Guild Echorec and Peavey XC-400 power amp).

Vox AC-30, Roland Jazz Chorus, Bogner Alchemist

This is Pete's Vox AC-30, Roland Jazz Chorus 120 and Bogner Alchemist 40/20-watt amplifier head with a 2X12 cabinet.  The Bogner features a 4 button foot controller for channel switching, boost, delay and  reverb.